I’m a researcher with interests in program synthesis, metaheuristic optimisation, machine learning, and computational creativity. I’m especially interested in the study of representations and fitness landscapes for evolutionary algorithms, genetic programming, optimisation and graph problems, and interactive evolutionary computation as a tool in creative workflows. Some further keywords: automatic programming; machine learning; evolutionary computation; grammatical evolution; art, music and design; regression and classification; minimum description length; optimisation; metaheuristics.

I am interested in talking to potential students about opportunities to pursue PhD research at University of Galway in areas that match my research interests. Opportunities for funding are sometimes available. Please contact me with a CV if interested, but make sure you describe precisely the overlap you see between your research interests and mine.

Former students

I was lucky to be the supervisor, co-supervisor, or mentor of the following excellent researchers who have now finished and moved on to exciting new positions and projects:

Current team


This site contains code for some of my projects, and for other projects code and information is available elsewhere: